We Can Trust Our Feelings

DaisyCenterwith Jennifer Day, Melissa Rivera, and Jen Lemen

November 3 – December 12

What if we could trust our feelings to guide us where we truly want to go?

What if following the wisdom of our emotions was truly our smartest move?

In today’s world, we value most what we can see, what we can do, what we can think, and what we can produce. But what of that other hidden part of us, the part that feels for no apparent reason, the part that reacts or withdraws at the most inexplicable moments?

Your Emotional Wisdom

Your Emotional Wisdom is a 6-week online exploration of the science of the heart and how human emotion helps us bring forward our most powerful resource: a heart ready to guide us toward the most strong and true expression of our honest selves.

Travel with seasoned guides Jennifer Day and Melissa Rivera as together we learn how the river of feelings can serve as the wisest way to take us where we truly want to go… in our relationships, in our workplaces, and in how we understand ourselves. This scientific look at how emotions work leaves behind the sentimentality of popular approaches, favoring a tender understanding of how we can experience a feeling of being alive that honors body, intellect, human nature and that sense of connection that unifies us all.


This six week guided experience, complete with…
• audio conversations
• vivid emotional images
• personal stories
• everyday practices
• and, compelling research
begins on November 3


Lessons arrive in our inboxes each weekday with all the information and inspiration we need to move towards emotional mastery. 

Your Gentle Guides

jennifer_dayJennifer Day spent fifteen years as a dance teacher, choreographer and director, followed by nine years studying psychology and alternative approaches to the management of stress and emotions. She is the founder of Applied Emotional Mastery (AEM) and author of six books in ten languages, including Being What You Want to See. Find out more about Jennifer.

melissa-rivera-squareMelissa Rivera is a writer, scholar and dancer. She writes about love, art and alchemy, conducts participatory action research, studies and teaches body wisdom. Her undergraduate and doctoral degrees are from Brown University and Harvard Graduate School of Education, respectively, and her coaching certification is from Applied Emotional Mastery. Find out more about Melissa.

jen_lemen_guideJen Lemen is on a continual quest for the kind of feast that feeds the soul and nurtures the spirit. This is in part what brought her to  establish Hopeful World and bring together sage guides like Jennifer and Melissa — in order to share wisdom that has been grown from the inside, out. Jen is learning that embracing her emotional wisdom is a daily practice that is taking her deeper into the heart of her journey, one expressed and felt feeling at a time. Find out more about Jen.

What people are saying about Jennifer and Melissa’s work…

I have discovered what an incredible resource is hidden within. Transformational!
Stefan Schweitzer, CEO

In our world today the family unit is the most vulnerable of all our social structures. The power of this work matches the needs of present day families.
Reverend Kay Snow-Davis, author, Point of Power and Wheel of Life

The techniques are easily learned and I can see how powerful they will be in practice – not connected to a religion or belief system.
Joan Haskell, Psychologist

This work has helped me achieve greater peace, less stress, and clearer communication. It has positively impacted my business, my relationships and my parenting skills!
Morgan Liddell, CPA

Through the process I am doing with Jennifer I became a better version of myself.
A version that I am actually starting to love.
I am not a victim of any situation anymore, whether it’s at work, with my parents or in my relationships.
I became more aware of my emotions and I have the tools I gained in the process to help me get centered and direct my energy to benefit me and others.
It is a beautiful journey that I wish everyone could go through. We would all become better people, better parents, better friends, better partners and better colleagues.
I am the luckiest person in the world to have Jennifer and AEM as a part of my life journey and I’m grateful.
Michal Zeevi

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